Be a Saviour And Take Pledge

Make Your or Your love one's Special Day Memorable

(Celebrate with Kids and Save Environment)

Are you also planning a birthday bash to make your day special? What about making someone else's day special this year?

We all feel blessed on our birthdays and want things to be perfect on that day. We like to celebrate the day with our friends, family and loved ones. But have you ever thought of celebrating your special day with our homeless and underprivileged friends?

Child Food

The pleasure of giving is always bigger than anything. Our little act of love can bring a smile on someone's face. On this Birthday, give yourself a gift and celebrate your birthday differently this year.

Donate a cake for the underprivileged kids and get video wishes from them. We ensure 100% transparency because you deserve to know when, where, and how your donations are feel special on your birthday. We will share with you pictures and videos of the cake marked with your name on it while it is being given to the beneficiary

Make a meaningful impact on your birthday! Join hands with the Be a Saviour Team to celebrate your special day by giving back to the environment. By donating towards tree plantation on your birthday, you can contribute to building a greener India and leaving a lasting legacy of sustainability.

Imagine the joy of knowing that each year, as you celebrate another year of life, you are also nurturing the planet. Your donation will directly support the planting of trees in carefully selected locations, helping to combat deforestation, restore ecosystems, and mitigate climate change.

Tree Plantation

With 100% transparency, the Be a Saviour ensures that your contribution goes directly towards the tree plantation initiative. You will receive updates on the location and images of the plants that have been planted, allowing you to witness the positive impact of your generosity.

By pledging to plant a certain number of trees on each birthday, you can make a remarkable difference over time. Just think, if you start planting five trees on your 20th birthday, by the time you reach 80, you will have planted a staggering 400 trees—a truly remarkable gift to the environment.

Join us in this noble cause and become an ambassador for a greener and healthier future. Your birthday can be more than just a celebration; it can be a catalyst for positive change. Donate towards tree plantation and let your birthday become a powerful force for environmental conservation.

Medical Camp for Underprivileged Kids

Tree Plantation

Be a Saviour- Membership

Our Donor Family is a family of changemakers who believe we can help children thrive and grow to their full potential when we all unite as a family and pledge to support every child.
Empower the future by becoming a donor & get 50% tax exemption under Section 80(G).Give Food & Education Support for kids because Your support matters!

Payment Type
A month support for 1 kid
A month support for 2 kids
A month support for 5 kids
A month support for 11 kids
A month support for 21 kids
A month support for 51 kids
Any Other Support (min 651/-)



Empower the future by becoming a donor & get 50% tax exemption under Section 80(G). Your support matters!


You will get legal support by our legal team for any human right issue


You are joined by many other like-minded changemakers from across the country who believe in collective efforts.


Our regular updates will keep you informed and assured that your donation is actually helping children across India.


We issue a digital certificate of membership to welcome you to the Donor Family and honour your contribution.


You get access to exclusive events curated by our partners and staff

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Every share will be a step towards helping a life in need. By reaching out to your family and friends you can make a larger impact.